With the end of lockdown in sight, and hope for some sense of normality, a return to the dating world may be happening sooner than you think. Even with some countries lockdown measures allowing for social distancing, there are still fun and exciting dates you can go on! For post-quarantine times though, here are some amazing date ideas for you to try once quarantine is officially over.

Axe Throwing
This may seem like a seriously strange suggestion but believe or not – axe throwing has fast become a top activity for daters. It’s a great way to try something completely different and isn’t too serious, making it the perfect ice breaker for a first date. We’ve all tried crazy golf, but why not go for something more unique? Axe throwing is the ideal option for a date, especially if you love a bit of healthy competition!

Luxury Cinema Experience
Although the cinemas aren’t open at the moment, once they return, it’s a classic go-to in dating. To make it even more special, why not visit a quirky or luxury cinema with sofas? There are many different options which allow you to have a more personal and exciting cinema experience. In many cinemas, you can rent a sofa for yourself (and your date) while you’re served cocktails and food throughout the film. It’s the perfect way to incorporate 3 dates in one!

A Picnic In the Park
Weather dependant and social-distance friendly, a picnic in the park is always a safe date, and it also doesn’t cost much at all. If you hate the pressure of fancy dates, a picnic is ideal as a laid-back alternative. You can dress much more casually, there will be no distractions, and you can simply spend time in nature, getting to know your date.