It’s hard to know what to say to impress a potential date, but when it comes to online dating there is actually ample information for you to learn from others’ mistakes (and successes). The latest technology-driven online dat(a)ing company is Zoosk, a company that uses something they’ve branded “behavioral matchmaking.” Zoosk pulls from your specific user behavior to find your match. There’s a NASA scientist, co-founder Alex Mehr, behind this algorithm. This is exciting math-wise, although it’s a little hard to swallow that NASA needed to get involved in your dating life.One aspect of “behavioral matchmaking” is crunching the data from three million conversations to determine what words yield the highest response. Zoosk has a few suggestions for optimal conversing.First, describe how trendy you are. The word “glasses” increased response rate by 39%,  while “tattoo” increased responses by 13%. If that doesn’t work, try mentioning your “eyes” (11% increase) or “hair” (6%).Flirting is good, but Zoosk suggests avoiding generic compliments. Mentioning the word “crush” increased responses by 24%, but the word “cute” decreased response by that same 24%. Words like “trouble” and “adorable” increased rates, while “beautiful” and “gorgeous” decreased by 24 and 22% respectively. (Perhaps because they’re so overused?)You should also be careful when getting amorous: The word “sexy” decreased response by 13%. Yet somehow you can say “horny” and only lose seven percent.It all boils down to this: if you want to get a date, just use flirtmoji and say you have glasses. But never, ever call anyone beautiful. Related Articles:Speed Dating with a Paper Bag Over Your Head is the Anti-TinderStudy: Women With Male Friends Have More Sex“Premium Tinder” Wants You to Pay for Those Photos of Guys With Tigers