Many people wonder if love in your 20s is different than love in your 30s. If you’re 20, you may wonder this because you haven’t hit 30 yet, so you have no way to gauge it. And if you’re 30, you may have a good idea about it, but maybe you’ve never stopped to realize it. The short answer is, yes, love is different as you age. Just think about when you had your first crush as a teenager (or whenever)….

It was new, fresh and exuberant. You couldn’t help how you felt. But as you get older, the way you fall in love changes. So, same way with 20s vs 30s love. The feeling is different. When you’re in your 20s, you may tolerate being with someone you’re not that compatible with. But, when you’re 30, you’re less likely to put up with crap you don’t like.

On the  other hand, you also understand at 30 that if you’re going to be with someone you can’t change them, therefore less effort is spent trying to make someone do what you want them to do.

That creates a balance.

Suddenly, you decide the things you’re willing to tolerate versus the things you’re not willing to tolerate.

Now, a more surface level difference is this…

At 20, the love may be more wistful, crazy, and intoxicating. At 30, it may be more grounded, calmer and mature, which can be a great thing. Because by now, you know yourself better and you can better relate to people.

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