Filmmaker/miracle worker Eileen Yaghoobian has found a way to make people relive their own sexts without projectile vomiting with embarrassment. Her project Send Me Your Sexts turns your late-night messages into full blown videos (um, not that kind of blown), fully scripted straight from your dirty mind. 

The videos are deliberately lo fi, ’80’s-style, and hilarious. Yaghoobian sought to explore the ever-shrinking gap between modern technology and sexuality, and heads up: it can get awkward.

Because, duh, sexts aren’t always so sexy. One enactment created from sexts by Jonny & Brenda opens: “I’m sitting in my living room with Cory discussing finance and you are sending me dick pics. This is amazing.” Other times, the videos range into NSFW terrority. 

As Yaghoobian told VICE:

What interests me is the narrative aspect of sexting. The sexy words people choose in verbalising their sexual fantasies are fascinating and say a lot about their character. I mean you can talk sexy when you’re having sex, but to talk sexy in a text to get to the act of sex is something else.”

Interested in seeing your fantasies on screen? (Who isn’t?) Yaghoobian will turn your sexts into six minutes of video for $80. Watch one of her creations here (and maybe put your earbuds on, because it’s definitely NSFW):


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