Contrary to the stereotype that self-identified feminists are responsible for a “hookup culture,” a new study has found they are no more likely to engage in what are usually seen as more “sexually free” friends with benefits (FWB) relationships.Researchers sought to investigate the role of third-wave feminism and gender identity in heterosexual FWB relationships. They gathered their data via anonymous surveys with 233 undergraduate students at an unidentified California college (i.e. they must have left out Florence Henderson). From the study:

“Feminism could be a motivator for participation in FWB relationships, but it also could prevent the avoidance for such relationships. Since the dominant theme in third wave feminism has been to argue that young women should be – and increasingly are – free to experiment sexually without repercussions, FWB relationships might represent “feminism” sexuality among heterosexual emerging adults. On the other hand, feminist theory points out that young women’s sexuality continues to be repressed and silenced in a variety of ways that structure their choices.”

So … inconclusive? The researchers suggest further inquiry to find what is sparking all those FWB relationships, since apparently it’s not feminist thought. Maybe bring some Ryan Gosling photos next time?