Well, we just found the reason for the old cliche that women love a man with a sense of humor. A new study from the University of Albany reveals that funny men have another great quality: They give more orgasms.

The researchers questioned 44 female undergraduates in heterosexual relationships about current and previous sexual behavior and feelings toward their partner. They were asked to rate their partner’s sense of humor among other traits like self-confidence, determination, and popularity. The results show the “unanticipated” but welcome finding that a partner with a sense of humor is good for your sex life.

The study found all kinds of surprising connections between the psychology of humor, sexuality and the way we view our partners. According to the research,:

“Those in relationships with more humorous partners reported he was more popular, intelligent, a better leader, and more creative. In terms of the relationship quality, participants with humorous partners reported initiating sex more often, and having more frequent intercourse in general. They also reported feeling more protected and committed to their partner.”

Gil Greengross over at Psychology Today claims “humor is sexy” and since humor is a sign of intelligence, it’s naturally a desired trait when choosing a mate. Hmm, we’re looking at Jonah Hill in a whole new sexy way now.

The study also revealed the similarly unique finding that your partner’s family income can influence how much you orgasm. So here’s an updated sex tip: if you can’t find someone funny, try to find someone rich!

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