Is dating in your city most like “a warzone” or a “Roman orgy”? Time Out took it upon themselves to find out in their Global Dating Survey with answers from 11,000 respondents in London, Paris, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Kuala Kumpur, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, and Beijing. The results are useful for anyone with vacation days to spare.

The best city in the world for dating is Paris, followed by Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur. The worst city for dating is Tokyo, but the least happy daters are, surprise surprise, New Yorkers. A whooping 45% of currently dating NYC respondents described themselves as “sad to be single.” That contrasts with dating Sydney residents, 31% of whom are “proudly single.” Do we sense a 26-hour flight to Australia in our future?

One’s outlook on the dating scene in NYC may very depending on your gender: Men were more likely to describe NYC dating as “a fertile orchard, brimming with opportunity.” Women were more likely to call it “a warzone.” (Given that YouBeauty is based in NYC, this surprises us not in the least bit.)

In happier news, 27% of respondents agreed that Brits have the hottest accent. Maybe we can schedule a layover in London en route to the City of Love? One more pro for Paris: more dates meet by in the actual real world of “going out/parties” (46%) than online. But once Parisians do meet that special someone at a bar, 73% of them admit to doing some online research into their background. Meanwhile in the U.S., we’re more likely to meet a date online (47%) than we are even through friends.

Time Out us with one important stat, no matter where you live: 1 in 10 people consider sex a reasonable request at the end of a first date. (It’s always good to know your odds.)


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