Noted conscious uncoupler Gwyneth Paltrow is in the Valentine’s Day spirit and she’s not going to leave the rest of us out here in the sexless, plebeian cold. Let’s all join Gwyn in a nibble of sex bark, the newest aphrodisiac treat from her rich lady e-newsletter, GOOP. In a special recipe from Moon Juice, a shop in (guess where?!) LA, sex bark includes ghee, ho shou wu and something called “sex dust.” GOOP touts benefits of sex bark, including enhanced youthfulness, sex drive, and more enjoyable sex. It should be noted that I have a bag of Toll House chocolate chips on my desk as we speak and it’s doing the same job for $3.49.For a better use of your time on Goop, check out the spirit truffles. The chocolates supposedly “feed harmony and extra sensory perception,” which sounds delicious and useful for fighting ghosts. Between this recipe and the sex bark, here’s hoping I’ll lock down a sea captain from 1876 this Valentine’s.Related Articles:5 Aphrodisiac-Inspired Beauty Products