Romance is tentative and uncertain and confusing in the beginning. We don’t want to seem pushy, and we don’t want to get hurt by risking rejection when we’re just starting to know someone. It should come as no surprise that men feel the same way. So can you tell if the guy likes you? There are definite signs if you know how to read them. Here are eight pretty good clues that he’s really into you, so relax.

He’s not afraid of a little PDA

Your guy reaches for your hand first or places his hand on your shoulder. These little touches were tentative at first but they’ve become a habit as you’ve grown more comfortable with each other.

He doesn’t constantly check his phone

When the cell phone beeps with each new text and email, there’s great temptation to catch the message. If he resists and keep his attention on you, that’s a strong sign he really likes you.

He’s okay with double texting

Nobody wants to appear over-eager at the beginning of a relationship, and many of us fear that texting a second time without waiting for a reply is a sign of desperation. If the guy has ditched his initial reluctance and will text without self-consciousness, you’ve got a good thing going. Open and spontaneous communication is a clear sign of interest.

He wants you to meet his friends

Taking you to meet his friends is a step toward fitting you into his life. He wants to see what they think of you, it’s true. But even more important, it’s his chance to determine what you think of his closest friends. Why would he care if he didn’t like you?

He shares things with you

If he’s sharing things that he likes with you, he’s revealing himself. That’s a definite sign he likes you, because who wants to open up to people they don’t like and trust? (He’s also checking to see if you share his interests.)

He’ll actually use words to say, “I miss you”

Putting feelings into words is scary, because it’s admitting you are important to him. How do you feel the first time you tell him something that clearly shows you are into him? Saying it out loud takes guts. If he’s telling you he misses you, he likes you.

He makes plans

He wants to make an effort for you. He plans ahead to take you out for coffee or dinner or a ball game or movie. You don’t spend every date eating in and watching TV. It’s great to be with him doing that, sure, but that’s a little bit too easy for him if that’s all you’re doing.

He isn’t reluctant to spend time with you

A guy who avoids hanging out more than once in a week probably isn’t into you. Take it as a signal that he doesn’t really, really like you If he says you’re “spending too much time together.” If he likes you, he wants to see you, and he isn’t counting how often you hang out.

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