In today’s world, we all have busy schedules: workouts, virtual meetings, the occasional lunch with friends. You’d be surprised how busy you can be, even when you’re working from home. And when you’re busy, one thing you tend to not prioritize is sex. We all want to have sex, but finding the time for it in our busy schedules can be difficult. And sometimes we’re in the mood, but we’re just lazy.

And then comes in: lazy sex. It might not be super sexy or romantic, but hey, it gets the job done! And in this crazy world, sometimes that’s enough. So on those days you want to get it on but don’t feel like doing too much, try out these lazy sex positions:

Sex toys
When you’re feeling lazy, pull out your vibrator. You can use a vibrator alone or with your partner- either way, it’s a quick but effective way to get an orgasm in.

Mutual masturbation
Having an orgasm doesn’t have to require the whole act of having sex, simple masturbation will do the trick. And if you want to pull your partner into it, try mutual masturbation. It’s an easy way to change things up without exerting all the energy and effort of having sex.

Dirty talk
If you’re feeling horny but don’t have the time or effort to actually have sex, trying dirty talking with your partner. Whether in person or over text, a little dirty talk is a great way to create that feeling of sexual tension and pleasure.

Stick to the basics
Now, if you’re actually down for full-on sex but are still feeling lazy, just stick to basic positions. And by that, I mean missionary, modified doggy, and spooning. You can save the crazy sex positions for another day when you’re feeling more energetic.

Oral is perfect for a lazy sex day: it’s simple and straight to the point, but still gets the job done. Plus, it doesn’t really require much energy on both parts.

Try an erotic massage
While an erotic massage can be a great form of role play, it’s also suitable for those lazy sex days. It really doesn’t any effort on the receiver’s part, but it’s still super sexy. And if you’re feeling up for it, it can always turn into something more.