One of the worst feelings to bear in a relationship is jealousy. When you’re jealous over your partner, it can keep you up at night and even make you act irrationally. When it all boils down, jealousy is just a sign of insecurity and fear. Not only is it an unpleasant feeling for you, it also creates tension with your partner and may eventually ruin an otherwise healthy relationship. The following are regular behaviors and habits strong, secure couples have that jealous couples don’t. If you’re wondering whether your relationship is strong and secure, ask yourself the questions below.

  • Do you have friends of the opposite sex? If not, would it be okay if you did?
    Couples in a secure relationship are comfortable with their partner having friends of the opposite sex. It’s okay for him to have female friends and for you to have male friends.
  • Are you comfortable with someone else flattering your partner?
    Couples in a secure relationship don’t feel threatened when someone else compliments their partner. In fact, they love that someone else notices what a great catch they’ve got!
  • Can you two have open honest crushes?
    Couples in a secure relationship aren’t bothered by the fact that they have small crushes. They can share their opinions freely and not be in fear of judgment.
  • Do you two enjoy activities without each other?
    Secure couples are okay with doing things without each other. If he decides to go out with his buddies, you aren’t bothered and vice versa. Further more, when you’re apart you’re not anxious about who he’s with.

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