If you’ve been quarantined without your significant other, chances are you’ve had to make some adjustments when it comes to your sex life. Long-distance relationships are common in today’s society, even though we’ve been living through a stay at home order for the past few months. There will come a time in every relationship when you can’t just hop in a car and drive over the minute you’re feeling frisky, so here are 5 ways you can remain intimate even when you’re not physically together:

Send texts throughout the day
When you’re in a long-distance relationship, your phone will become your best friend. Keep your partner on their toes by sending them flirty texts throughout the day- it makes it clear you’re thinking of them.

Phone sex
Going beyond just sending each other flirty and sexual messages is actually having phone or FaceTime sex. Make time in your schedule for that necessary phone sex.

Send them sexy selfies
Sending your partner sexy selfies is a great way to remain intimate while long-distance, as long as you take the proper precautions. Make sure you’re sending the pictures to the right person. If you choose to do it over text, you can even download a secret photo album so that only your partner will see the pictures.

Invest in remote-controlled sex toys
Modern technology makes being in a long-distance relationship a little bit easier. Remote-controlled sex toys keep your sex life active, even when you’re physically apart. You and your partner can sync your devices so you can feel like you’re together while having phone sex.

Write letters
Sure, there’s sophisticated technology to make a long-distance relationship more manageable, but does anything really beat a handwritten love letter? Nothing will excite your partner more than them coming home to a surprise letter.

When in doubt, masturbate
You can do all of this and more, but you might just have to take things into your own hands when it comes down to it. Masturbation is healthy and necessary and can even help you discover what your likes and dislikes are in bed. Plus, it’ll help your sex life when you actually get to see your partner.