It’s not always easy to tell if someone is into you. You can get a feeling based on their body language, but it’s hard to decipher if that actually means they like you or just being friendly. And there’s nothing more embarrassing than being so sure someone is into you and then finding out they were just being nice. Save yourself the overthinking of trying to decide if someone likes, and just keep an eye out for these signs:

Eye contact
If you’re talking to said person and they’re keeping eye contact the entire conversation, it’s a good indication they’re into you. Mutual eye contact in a conversation means it’s going well and that they care about what you have to say.

They get closer to you
Someone who’s just a friend will probably keep a comfortable space from you when talking. Still, someone who’s into you will lean in and get closer to you, to show they’re truly interested in what you have to say.

Light touching
That means a subtle arm graze, “accidentally” touching your leg, or putting your hair behind your ear. If they do some sort of light touching, they’re probably into you.

They copy your body language
This one is harder to spot, but keep an eye out if the person you like starts to copy your body language. To test this out, first copy their position, then, later on, change your position. If they change their position to mirror yours, that’s a good sign.

They ask questions
When we’re talking to someone we don’t really care about, we tend to not ask them a lot of questions. It’s just the truth! But if the person your crushing on keeps the conversation engaged by asking tons of questions, they want to hear more about you, meaning they like you.

They tease you
Teasing your crush may seem immature, but let’s face it, we all do it. Jokingly playing around and teasing your crush is an excellent way to let them know you like them, and vice versa.

They listen to you
It’s just as important to note if this person listens to you than if they ask you questions. If when you’re talking to them, they lean in close to you, don’t go on their phone, and are focused on what you’re saying, they’re probably into you.

They get rid of things between you
That means putting a coffee cup to their side instead of between you or uncrossing their arms. Any form of barrier between you two isn’t a good sign- when they get rid of those barriers, it means they’re getting more comfortable with you.

They point their feet towards you
An excellent way to know if someone is crushing on you if their feet are pointed towards you. Keep an eye out for this, even when you’re not talking directly to them. And if they’re talking to someone else but still pointing their feet towards you, they like you.

They always try to stand next to you
When they walk into a crowded room with tons of people and choose to stand next to you… they’re into you. Nothing gives you butterflies more than seeing your crush walk in a room and go directly to you.