Catfishing, breadcrumbing, ghosting, love bombing, there are so many different terms for the modern dating world, each with their own specific meaning. There’s no wonder dating has become so overwhelming and complicated! What exactly is love bombing, and how can you tell if you’re a victim? We’ve put together all of the signs to look out for to avoid being ‘love bombed’ by a potential partner, or to help you identify if you already are.

What Is ‘Love Bombing?’
Love bombing is a tactic often used by narcissists in the dating world. They shower a person with excessive attention and affection to gain control or significantly influence their partner’s behavior. While you might think that over the top attention is a good thing, the real motive behind love bombing isn’t. It’s all about manipulating someone, and there is often a drastic switch between them idealizing you and then putting you down to control you.

They Bombard You With Messages
We all like someone that makes an effort, but a love bomber will often bombard you with constant messages and phone calls, demanding all of your time and attention. If this is present from the early stages of dating, it is a massive red flag, especially if it’s feeling one-sided and overwhelming.

They Constantly Give You Gifts
Love bombing usually involves over the top gestures and gifts and not taking no for an answer. For example, they might send inappropriate gifts to your work or buy you something really extravagant. This is usually done to feel guilty and owe them something (e.g, your time and energy).

They Don’t Like When You Set Boundaries
Love bombers like to be in control, so when you try to set any boundaries or tell them something they don’t like the sound of with their displays of affection, they will become frustrated and continue to try and manipulate you until they get what they want. They expect you to simply accept their overwhelming displays of love and affection, not reject it, so they can also lash out when this happens.