Taking the first step toward a romantic relationship is tough. Men who are perfectly capable of initiating friendships with women turn shy about admitting they’ve come to find their female BFF attractive. Males may not be able to say it out loud, but they do leave obvious clues when their feelings have taken a turn for the romantic. Here are signs that he’s falling for you.

  1. He’ll start the conversation

He’ll seek you out in a crowd to start a conversation. When he runs out of social chitchat, he’ll look for more topics to discuss with you. He’ll seek you out in the office to ask advice on his latest work project or share office gossip. The longer he lingers, the more he wants to get to know you.

  1. He’s on his best behavior.

He knows that politeness is an attractive trait, and he wants you to think he’s the kind of guy you’d take home to meet Mom and Day. If you do invite him for dinner with the folks, he hopes the verdict will be “he’s such a nice boy.” Does he open doors for you? Does he make sure he doesn’t run over you in conversation? Minding manners is a significant clue.

  1. He offers compliments.

If he can’t come right out and say he really, really likes you, the tongue-tied Lothario will hide his feelings behind compliments. He likes your new hairstyle, that dress looks great on you, your presentation speech was killer, you really deserved that pay raise, etc., etc. He thinks this is a great way to let you know that he finds you attractive.

  1. He asks about your boyfriend.

He wants to know whether you’re single or if your boyfriend is watching from across the crowded room.  Definitely, he wants to know if he’s as good looking as your current, so he’ll ask to see a picture. Is it serious, or is there room for him in your heart?

  1. He keeps his promises.

Did he offer to lend you that great book he says is the next great American novel, and then somehow never got around to bringing it in? Did he agree to help you move but never showed up on the appointed day? Men who are interested will jump at the chance to win your favor, and once they’ve promised, they’ll follow through.

  1. He’s specific about time and place.

Does he make vague suggestions about getting together for lunch but never offers a specific day?  If he’s attracted to you, he’ll initiate a firm invitation and follow up with day, time and place. He’ll confirm the day before that the date is still on. He wants to see you, and he’s not going to miss out on the opportunity by messing up the details.

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