Relationships can be challenging, especially when you are dating a person that is going through something. If your partner has an addiction, you need to be understanding and supportive. You will also need to be patient. Here is how you can help your partner.

You Need to Adjust Your Expectations
Your partner is going through a difficult time now. You can’t expect the relationship to be the same as any relationship you have had up to this point. The addiction will also cause your partner to change and become a different person.

Recovery Takes Time
Don’t expect them to get better overnight. Addiction is a real disease, and recovering from it takes a lot of time and work. You will have to be extraordinarily patient and support your partner through both good and bad. Healing will take time, and if you expect them to get better overnight, you will be disappointed.

Make Sure They Have Professional Help
They will most definitely need professional help, and the best way to help your partner is to make sure they are getting all the help they need. Even though your support will help them, they will need someone educated to help them stay on the right track.

You Need to Alter Your Habits
As addiction can relapse, and certain things can trigger an addict, you should be willing to change some of your habits to help them deal with the addiction. You may have to stop drinking or taking medication in front of them. Going to parties or social gatherings may be off the limits for some time.

Accept Their Past
What has been done cannot be undone. There is no point in trying to change the past, so you can only accept it. If you want your relationship to go forward and grow, you will have to accept your partner’s troubled history.

Set Your Boundaries
You can’t change your partner; you can only support them and show them love. However, you need to make sure you are taking care of yourself. Setting boundaries is essential. Make sure he understands what your limitations are and where you draw the line. Supporting your partner is important, however, if it all becomes unbearable to you, making a tough decision and leaving might be the only way to grow.