Do you have secrets (or omissions) that you keep from your spouse? It’s actually not as uncommon as you think to keep a secrets from your loved one. Big or small, sometimes it’s easier just to keep the information to yourself rather than expose it. Redbook asked couples and therapists to confess secrets that they kept from their spouses. From innocent to jaw dropping, here’s a list of what they came up with….

#1 – “What I Do With My Free Time.”
Calvin, 28 (maybe a fictitious name) confessed that he likes to train and work out during his free time, but feels guilty doing it, especially when he’s away on business trips because he doesn’t want it to seem like he’s having a great time away from his wife and kids.


#2 – “How Irritating His In-Laws Are.”
Jaclyn, 26 shared that she really doesn’t like her mother-in-law. To her, she’s awful, but doesn’t want her husband to know that she trash talks his mother to her friends.

#3 – “That Her Extracurriculars Make Me Nervous.”
Jonathan, 29 shared that he and his wife are in a polyamorous relationship. Even though he enjoys having sex with another person when they are together, he gets nervous when she is with another guy and he’s not around. He feels that she may realize that she will have a better life with someone else and leave him.

#4 – “How Often I Masturbate.”
Kristen, 32 confessed that even though her husband satisfies her, sometimes she likes to masturbate in order to get off and move on with the rest of her day. She doesn’t want her husband to think that he doesn’t satisfy her.

#5 – “Where My Clothes Are”
Logan, 31 confessed that he hides his t-shirts from his wife because she likes to sleep in them.

What about you? Are you keeping any secrets from your spouse? What are they? Share below.

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