Are your New Year’s plans decided yet? Yeah, we can’t decide either. But here’s some good news: If you want to spend the most highly anticipated kiss of the year with a new set of lips, you can still find a date on the Internet and now might be a good time to start looking.The data-driven “behavioral matchmaking site” Zoosk pulled their December 2013 data and determined there was a 26% spike in membership in the two weeks following Christmas Day. That’s a big spike! Zoosk anticipates the change is due to singles looking for a New Year’s Eve date (or perhaps people feeling lonely around the holidays). Step one: Locate wifi connection.  Step two: Find something with sequins.  You’re good to go!More tips? Zoosk also taught us not to call someone “beautiful” if you want to sweet-talk them online — try flirtier words like “crush” and “trouble.” For picking up a New Year’s Eve date, you could always try “What resolution?”Related Articles: