As Directioners, we face a debate akin to that of national security versus personal liberty. Yes, we want our boys to be safe from crazed One Direction fans (not us). But does that mean we want to live in a heat- and motion- monitored “camera isolation zone”? Only one of us has to answer that question today, but I invite you all to consider your answer (mine is YES!!!!!!!). Perhaps 20-year-old Sophia Smith, Liam Payne’s girlfriend of over three years, will have no desire to live in Payne’s new $7.8 million mansion.The 10,373-square-foot compound is iPad controlled, all the better to record your every move, my dear. (Just kidding.)Can’t you just picture Liam, a 21-year-old person, in his beige living room, doing shots and lighting money on fire with his mates and some other hot young stars? (Picture it: Dylan O’Brien. Ariana Grande. A Hemsworth, even.) That spiky ball on the side table is either candy storage or its a camera.The mansion also has a pool, movie theater, wine cellar, tennis court, and ballet studio. We hope the youthful couple, their ballet studio, and their cameras will be very happy together, forever and ever and ever until the iPad dies amen.Related Articles:To Be Loved, To Be In Love: A One Direction Makeup ReviewZayn Malik Plots One Direction Hair Takeover, Succeeds