The way you perceive your relationship will affect it greatly. Negative thoughts can damage your relationship more than you believe. To maintain your relationship, you should work on controlling your thoughts and communicate with your partner about your feelings. Here are some thought patterns you should avoid.

Don’t Expect Your Partner to Know What You Need
Don’t assume your partner should be able to know what you want. The key to maintaining a relationship is good communication. Tell your partner how you feel and what you would like him to do for you, don’t assume he should know what to do instinctively.

Don’t Blame Your Partner for Everything Wrong with Your Life
You shouldn’t blame your partner on your relationship or life issues. Remember, you are in this together and he shouldn’t be blamed for all your problems. This can create a lot of resentment, which is why you should avoid it. Try to communicate with your partner how you feel without putting all blame on him.

Don’t Compare Your Partner to Your Ex
You shouldn’t compare your relationship with your previous ones. Your partner and your ex are completely different people and they both have their virtues and shortcomings, but you shouldn’t compare your current relationship with your previous ones. Leave the past in the past, where it should be.

Don’t Overthink
You shouldn’t let yourself overthink and come up with scenarios and conclusions that aren’t based on reality. This can hurt your perception of your partner and damage your relationship without any solid reason.

Don’t Believe You Will Ruin the Relationship
Don’t let yourself think that you will ruin the relationship. It’s important to be yourself and try your best, but don’t beat yourself up. If things don’t work out you simply aren’t compatible with each other.

Don’t Try to Change Your Partner
You shouldn’t aim to change anyone in the relationship. If things aren’t working out you should communicate with your partner. Don’t aim to change them. You should accept your partner the way they are and expect the same treatment from them.

Don’t Believe Your Partner Is Using You
If you constantly think about how your partner is using you for their own gain you can’t move forward in the relationship. This can cause your partner to build walls and will damage your emotions.