If you want to stand out in the dating app landscape these days, you have to have a catch. Some apps are for one night stands, others are for parents, and newbie Dapper is for self-described gentlemen. Or it tries to be, anyway. All male users must agree to a “gentleman pledge” and pay $19 to join ($10 more than their future female matches will pay).As the Daily Dot notes, Dapper hopes to differentiate itself from Tinder in one important way: by offering nice guys, whatever that means. CEO Josh Wittman cut out the chat feature so couples would meet in person. Each guy swears via the “gentleman pledge” that he is not only filled with goodwill, but totally charming: “I will not push for sex on the first date. I will be courteous at all times. I know how to dance, at least a little bit. I know the difference between confidence and arrogance. I believe that chivalry is not dead. I know how to cook at least one good meal.”Dapper launches November 16 in New York City, where ladies can choose from one of the app’s partner bars in Manhattan and make a reservation. Make that dude come to you. He’s a gentleman.Related Articles:Why Women Like D-Bags (and How to Stop Dating Them)Are You Stuck in a Dating Rut?