A new study has verified what sitcoms have been telling us for years: Men are idiots. We’ve already learned that women respond better in stressful situations. Now we know that men are more likely to “act like idiots,” according to researchers, which for the purposes of their study meant participating in dangerous behavior.As TIME magazine explained, researchers examined the data on people who qualified for The Darwin Awards. The Darwin Awards compile the most outlandish deaths each year and give posthumous awards to those who manage to rid humanity of, well, an idiot. A whooping 88.7% of Darwin Award winners were male. The report has some limitations, as noted in the final report in the British Medical Journal: idiotic male candidates may have been more “newsworthy” than the women. The researchers nonetheless concluded that “men are idiots and idiots do stupid things.”We would like to posit an additional theory that in many parts of the world where women have the primarily responsibily for taking care of a family, they simply might be too busy to, say, spraypaint their faces gold and try to rob a bank (but then accidentally die first from the toxic fumes — yes, that’s a real way some guy died). Just a thought.

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