Online dating is a huge phenomenon. Every day people are joining, hooking up and falling in love. It’s incredible. But, everyone’s story doesn’t go that smoothly. In fact, I want to share a quick story about a woman who not only didn’t find love, but she got totally scammed in the process. This lady who the story refers to as, Amy was in her 50s and looking for love. After a series of meet ups and in-person meetings with guys she finally found a pretty decent guy online – or so she thought.

After months of being wooed, she felt comfortable enough to start sending him money. The reasons for sending him money seemed very convincing, especially after she’d built up so much trust in him. Long story short, after months of being “on his way” back home from the states, she realized she’d never see him or her $300,000 – ever. For the whole true story, go here.

This is an unfortunate story and people get scammed all the time like this, but there are far more successful online dating stories than there are horror stories, which is why it’s important to be savvy when engaging in online dating.

Benefits of an Online Matchmaker

That’s part of the benefit of having digital online matchmakers like the love scientist, Michelle G. Michelle G. uses her U.S. Marine Intelligence Analyst background to ensure her clients never fall for scams like this.

According to Michelle’s team, here are other ways to avoid getting scammed, tricked or cat fished online.

  1. Don’t say No Games! Never say “No games!” in a dating profile. In fact, ask yourself what that even means. Saying that means absolutely nothing to someone who wants to play games.
  2. Work on yourself first. One of the things the guy who scammed the lady in the story said was that it was easy to scam divorced or widowed people because they are lonely. Michelle tells her clients all the time that if they are in a place too vulnerable to date, they must work on themselves first.
  3. Never give money. No matter how much they say trust them. This is a cardinal rule. Don’t break it.

Have fun when dating online, but remember to stay careful.