You’ll never love again. You dumped him, and you are filled with rage. He dumped you, and your heart is broken. We’ve all been there. Right now, you don’t really care that he was no good for you and you’re better off without him. You just want to crawl into bed with a big box of tissues and stay there until you cry yourself to sleep and oblivion” masks the pain. Cue the breakup music. Whether you want to commiserate or celebrate being newly single, breakup music can take you there.

Whatever you are feeling during a bad, bad breakup, Amazon Music has created a “Heartbreak Recovery” playlist for you. A good breakup song expresses perfectly the feelings of grief, anger, and resentment that come along with the end of a relationship. Woeful ballads and sad melodies. Angry anthems. The music dwells on the darker side of love. We’re talking lying and cheating. Heartache and obsession. He done you wrong.

Scientists and music psychologists worked their magic with Amazon Music to analyze the four phases of breakup—sadness, denial, acceptance, moving on—and find the songs that fit each one. The four hour-long playlist tracks are tailored for each of the four phases.

The experts who compiled these songs crafted the playlist in recognition that tempo, rhythm and lyrics work together to create a strong emotional impact. The sadness and acceptance songs are more melancholy, down-tempo songs. The “moving on” segment of the playlist is filled with up-tempo, highly rhythmic songs. The “Heartbreak Recovery” playlist created by German music psychologist Dr. Michael Oehler and a team of scientists debuted on

You don’t need a love song or a makeout tune. You need a kiss-off song so that you can mourn and move on. Music will make it all better. Nelly Furtado, Dua Lipa, the xx, Florence + The Machine, Frank Ocean, Ariana Grande—they’re all here for you.

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