“I wanted to try something that removed the physical attraction element,” Londoner Alexandra Charalambous explained to the New York Post of her search for love. What she found was a paper bag at one of new dating app Loveflutter’s promotional “Paper Bag Speed Dating” events. The premise? Sixty paper bag-wearing singles meet strangers and spending three minutes each describing their personalities before a big reveal.The simple/ingenius Paper Bag Speed Dating sessions (they call it a “social experiment) is the physical manifestation of the Loveflutter app, where singles first get a 140-character #quirkyfact about a potential date. A photo appears only after users express interest in the match. Paper Bag Speed Dating already takes place across the pond and has its first event in the United States, in New York City, on Wednesday.Some of us might find it hard to shake the negative connotations of paper bagging — i.e. someone is so ugly they need a paper bag over their head to have sex with — but Charalambous left the London Paper Bag event with a date with a younger guy. Alas, the Post quoted a New York City man who was more of an online dating traditionalist: “Even if you meet the coolest girl who speaks Wookiee, knows what TMNT stands for and has NFL season tickets, there still has to be a physical attraction for it to work.”Related Articles:New Dating App Dapper Asks Men to Sign a ‘Gentleman Pledge’Study: Women With Male Friends Have More Sex