In a marriage or long term relationship, men are often times the ones who have to initiate sex. It’s not because women don’t want it. Women do want it. It’s just that between life, kids, and work, many times they just don’t feel like it.

Or, in some cases they feel uncomfortable initiating it (which is a whole other story). Not initiating sex over time can have big ramifications on your relationship.

Your husband could feel neglected, rejected, or even unwanted. In fact when asked, many men feel very happy and pleased when their wife initiates sex. It makes them feel loved and wanted.

Besides not feeling like it, or feeling uncomfortable initiating it, other reasons a woman may not feel like initiating sex, includes:

  • Waiting to get her sexy body back
  • Waiting to feel sexy again
  • Waiting to not feel so tired
  • Or, waiting until life doesn’t feel so crazy

Whenever this is the case, know that you have to actively make these changes if you want to feel confident again. Also, know that you don’t have to wait until things are “perfect” before you start initiating sex.

Always make the effort to make the first move. You may find your relationship is surprisingly refreshing afterwards because not only will your partner like it, but you’ll feel empowered.

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