What most couples don’t realize is that when cheating happens, it could’ve been prevented a long time ago. Let’s do a rewind… Say you’re married, or in a committed relationship and everything starts out great. The two of you are in love. There could be no wrong. But, overtime, let’s say things go from great, to just “okay”. You think things will work out by itself, but it doesn’t. Meanwhile, more things go unsaid. More detachment happens. More resentment builds. And before long, a friend of the opposite sex, or coworker starts to become more and more attractive.

It’s innocent at first. But eventually, they seem to have all the answers to the things that aren’t going right in your relationship. It doesn’t start off as a scandalous affair. Instead, it starts off as casual conversation. Then from there it grows into a deeper connection. Empathy starts to build, until it appears they get you more than your spouse or significant other does. Of course, this isn’t true. But, the grass always seems greener on the other side.

When you make it to this point, you’re almost at a place of no return. You’ve now transferred a connection to this person that was supposed to be forged with your partner.

So, how do you avoid this from happening before it’s too late?

Start early and be vigilant in your relationship. Don’t ignore the “small” things. When it seems a connection is being lost, do something about it early as possible. That may mean visiting a therapist or a coach who will help you two work on what you have.

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