Or maybe we should call this your daily weep.

This weekend, Taylor Swift paid a visit to 7-year-old Jordan Nickerson, a brave (and terribly cute) young boy who has Williams Syndrome and is now battling leukemia in a Boston hospital. Taylor helped Jordan decide what song he wanted to hear—which, after some consideration, is “We Are Never Getting Back Together”—and performs it for him while he sings along. 

This is definitely the best thing you’ll see all day, even if it’s through a few tears.

About 27 percent of Americans like Swift volunteer—and they may get back as much as they give. A review of multiple studies found that people who volunteer have a 20 percent reduction in mortality, plus lower levels of depression, higher life satisfaction and generally enhanced wellbeing. The researchers determined that the quality of life enhancements hinged on volunteers feeling like they’re benefitting emotionally from the work.

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