Tinder has solved what we can all agree is the number one problem with the ubiquitous dating app: not enough opportunity for dick pics. The app has acquired Tappy, a social messaging app that auto-deletes images after 20 seconds. Oh, the possibilities!Tinder already has photo-sharing capability in its Tinder Moments feature, which can’t be shared with individual people. However,  TechCrunch reports that Tappy may add extra features a la apps like SnapChat – namely, private photo sharing of those pics you may not want to exist forever.Tappy is the company’s first acquisition. “We’re growing and recruiting like crazy,” Sean Rad, cofounder and CEO of Tinder told TechCrunch. “It’s incredibly difficult to find talented people to join us fast enough to keep up with our roadmap for 2015, which includes some ambitious plans.” More ambitious than making it easier to send naughty photos that self-destruct? Sounds terrifying.

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