Businesses across the nation are slowly starting to open, and life is beginning to return to some semblance of normalcy. Although we may be starting to spend some time with other people, most of our time will still be spent with people in our immediate households. And odds are, after three months of quarantine, you’re probably in desperate need of social interaction with other people.

Spending too much time with the same person can lead to fighting and getting irrationally angry. And if the person you’ve been in quarantine with is your significant other, you’ve probably found that you’re fighting more than usual. But the past few months shouldn’t be the reason for the end of your relationship- here is how you can ensure your relationship doesn’t fail, even after all this time together:

Make small changes in your schedules
Creating a schedule so that you both have time spent apart is a great way to ensure you won’t get sick of your partner. That can mean going on a walk by yourself, video chatting with friends, or even reading or watching TV alone. These small changes will make a big difference in the long run.

Communicate openly
Spending all your time with the same person probably means you will find yourself getting mad at everything they do. To prevent this, it’s crucial to communicate your thoughts and emotions to your partner. Telling them when you’re annoyed, angry, or sad and being honest about your feelings will ensure your relationship doesn’t fail.

Hang out with your friends
Since social distancing regulations are beginning to lessen, you may actually be able to hang out with your friends in real life. A day we’ve all been dreaming of! Whether or not you choose to hang out with your friends in real life or via FaceTime, create a time and space away from your partner and with your friends.

Make your time spent together special
Obviously, every moment together isn’t going to be special, but make it a point still to have an element of romance in the relationship. Surprise your partner with a romantic picnic, home-cooked meal, or that book they’ve been saying they wanted. It’s important to make your time together special, even when you’re spending all your time together.

Understand and respect your partner’s wishes
If your partner wants an hour of alone time when they first wake up, respect that. If your partner wants an hour of alone time right before they go to sleep, respect that, too. Understanding and respecting your partner’s wishes will lead to a stronger relationship. And it’s equally important that they return the same effort to you.