With the new year starting to settle in, you might be feeling inspired to spice up your love life. Maybe you’ve been seeing the same person for a long time, but your dates have gotten more and more casual. Or, perhaps you’re seeing someone new and want to surprise them with an exciting date. Whatever the case is, frequently, we look for new and unique ways to excite our significant others in the new year. Sure, going out to dinner at the same restaurant you’ve always gone to is still fun, but it can get boring. So in 2020 we’re saying goodbye to boring date ideas and walking into the new year with a long list of exciting plans for our loved ones:

Wine tasting
A way to ger drunk, but slightly more classy. Wine tasting is always fun and a great date for any partner. If you’re thinking of bringing your S.O. out for drinks but have already done that multiple times, change things up and bring them to a wine tasting instead. It’s romantic and exciting.

Escape room
If you’re looking for a date that you can do with other couples, an escape room is a great idea. The concept of an escape room is high pressure and intense, so you have to make sure everyone in the group if on board before going into it. But it’s a fun way to get a bunch of friends together for a group date.

Cooking class
Why just bring your partner out to dinner when you can cook AND eat it? A cooking class is not only practical as cooking skills are beneficial for everyone, but it’s a new way to learn more about your partner. What kind of food do they like? Are they good at cooking? You would be surprised how much you can learn about someone in a cooking class.

Comedy show
Because being with someone you can laugh with is always important. Most cities have local comedy shows, and going to one is almost a guaranteed good time. Change up the classic dinner and a movie date by switching out the movie for a comedy show and watch how much more your partner enjoys it.

Art class
Whether that’s one of those wine and painting classes or just a classic pottery class, an art class is a super unique date idea. It doesn’t even matter if you’re good at art or not. The learning process is all part of the experience. Plus, being bad might make the date all the funnier.

Go to the beach
Yes, the beach in the winter is still a great date idea. You can’t lay out and tan and go in the ocean like you can in the summer, but you can still go on a classic walk on the beach. And if you live somewhere that doesn’t get super cold. You can even enjoy a nice picnic with wine.

Workout class
For the fit couple (or the couple that just wants to do a fun workout), a workout class is a great way to get active with your partner. There are so many fun workout classes, from boxing to pilates to a million types of yoga. There’s bound to be a workout class that works for both you and your bae.

Because who said arcades are only for kids? I feel like the older you get, the more you appreciate a good game of laser tag. A trip to the arcade is a great date idea for just you and your S.O. or a group date. I mean, who doesn’t love a place where you can play Pac-Man, Skee-Ball, and laser tag all in the same room?