Are you able to make a decision and end the chapters of your life that aren’t of essence anymore? Or do you tend to throw away your energy trying to fix something you may or may not be able to fix? We can help you uncover the signs that will help you determine whether it’s the end.

Face Your Fears
It’s hard to make a decision and say goodby to the chapters of your life that aren’t bringing you joy anymore. Whether those are relationships, jobs, or hobbies. We are often stuck in the same place and unable to move forward because the fear leaves us paralyzed. What makes us stay even though we know deep down that we should leave is fear and loyalty.

These completely normal human emotions can leave us stuck in the ever-repeating cycle. The fear of the future makes us stay in the same place and prevents us from moving forward and ending the chapter. We tend to put ourselves down by asking the wrong questions. What if I choose wrong? What if I regret this decision for the rest of my life? Facing the unknown seems like too much of a risk when we feel comfortable staying in the same spot.

The fear of feeling guilt also leaves us feeling stuck. We often feel like we will let someone down if we leave, forgetting to think about ourselves.

Ask Yourself These Questions
To determine whether you should say goodbye and close the chapter or stay, ask yourself these questions:

Does This Situation Bring Me Joy?
Whether this chapter in your life is a job or a relationship, try to figure out whether it is making you happy at the moment. Don’t think about what it used to be like, but rather what it is like at the moment.

Does It Satisfy My Needs?
Try to figure out whether your needs are being met or not. This can significantly influence your decision.

Does It Allow Me to Grow?
Learning new things and growing is incredibly essential. If you are always stuck in the same place, you should end the chapter.