Sex in relationships usually happen either at the spur of the moment – when the timing and mood calls for it, or at a scheduled time – if one or both of you have really busy schedules. Normally, those times have nothing to do with any scientific backing or reasoning. But, if you listen to science that could change. In fact, according to hormone expert and author of “WomanCode”, Alisa Vitti, there are certain times of the day when women are more “ready” for it than at other times of the day making this a great time for you and your significant other to get it on. What time of day is that? 3pm.

If you’re wondering what hormones have to do with it, the answer is a lot. Hormones determine a lot about sex. It influences your mood, your willingness to initiate, and your energy to engage. But, hormones range throughout the day. For women, the time of day where it seems to peak is 3pm. This is when the hormone cortisol peaks bringing with it a sensational feeling of energy and alertness. For men, this is the time of day when their estrogen levels are high making them more emotionally present during sex. This is a perfect time to deepen the connection with your partner for a more satisfying sexual experience.

So give it a try. Do what you can to have sex at 3pm today, but if that’s not possible, there’s another great time to have sex…early to mid-morning. This is when men’s testosterone is highest and are more likely to give an “applaud worthy” sexual performance.

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