PopBabies Personal Blender
Like many portable blenders, you charge this one with a USB. The updated model allows you to charge it while you’re blending, making it more convenient to use at home and out and around town. The company makes several models like the Portable Blender Glass, which uses a glass cup instead of the BPA plastic cups.

The charge will last around three to four hours, and you can blend approximately 25 times before recharging.

Tenswall Portable Blender
This comes in at the cheapest on the list of all your portable blender options. It costs just over twenty dollars.

The cup is a bit smaller at thirteen ounces than some of the other models. It has only one button—a streamlined and straightforward design idea. If you want multiple buttons to blend while on the go, look elsewhere.

According to the specs, you also receive something called “clean cotton” with this blender. We’re not sure what that is; a cloth to clean it? Just a piece of cotton? Points subtracted for the vagueness but then again, bonus for the clean cotton add-on.

Redmond Portable Blender
Here’s another USB-chargeable blender with a 16-ounce glass bottle.

This portable blender makes about 20 smoothies before requiring a recharge. The base is stainless steel, and the blender sports a sleek aerodynamic feel. So if you’re running around really fast clutching your portable blender, I guess you won’t face much wind-resistance.
They claim that glass jars repel odors and stains better than plastic. They also give you a free ice cube tray, so there’s that bonus. It’s no “clean cotton” add-on, but it will do.

HJA Portable Blender
This blender can only blend about 13-14 times before recharging. On the other hand, it looks like a futuristic windmill or the type of portable blender astronauts would use, so there’s that going for it.

The lid is “double-seal design,” and it looks like it would good at doing what a lid should do—not flying off at the worst moments and spraying smoothies all over the place.

You can’t use this one while charging, which is a downside for those of us prone to procrastination and planning-challenged.

The USB cord is universal, so if you lose it while blending around town, rest assure it is no proprietary design.

Blend on friends, blend everywhere.