Breakfast should be your favorite meal of the day. It’s the beginning of your day, so it should be a fulfilling event, almost like a celebration of getting the privilege to start on another day. Skipping breakfast is associated with many health problems, including and ironically, weight gain. It indicates being in a rushed state that doesn’t allow for slowing down long enough to feel gratitude for the coming day. By taking a more intentional approach to creating your healthy breakfast routine, you’ll be putting effort into your morning that shows you care and sets the stage for a day full of similarly intentional efforts.

You’re probably thinking it sounds wonderful if you’re Gwyneth Paltrow and have millions of dollars cushioning your intentional time. If you’re like most of us, you’re always rushing to make ends meet, and breakfast is one of the easiest sacrifices we make.

What if I told you that health-conscious and quick aren’t exclusive? Don’t balk just yet—we have a list of the healthiest cereal to add to your breakfast plan with no need to wake up at dawn to make your own almond third eye chakra milk (sorry Gwyneth).

  1. The healthiest cereal on our list is barely a cereal at all—it’s granola. Yes, the name granola sounds like something in your grandma’s pantry, but today granola is hip and fresh, whether you want yours served with hemp seeds or infused with Tahitian vanilla. Take your breakfast cereal-ously (too much?) and give this goodie a try
  2. The next healthiest cereal comes from one of our favorite vaguely ominous-packaging brands, Food for Life. They make their cereal with whole grains and sprouted wheat and lentils, giving your breakfast cereal a protein-pumped edge. Enjoy the whimsical branding here.
  3. Whole wheat is the way to go when you’re seeking to bump up your breakfast routine. This cereal is heavy on the fiber and makes an excellent base for adding your own berries into. Here’s your next breakfast staple.

Whichever of the healthiest cereals you chose to add into your breakfast routine, take a moment to appreciate that you’re attempting to value your mornings by valuing your breakfast.