Smoothies are the ultimate fast and healthy food. If you have a blender, produce, and water, you’re set. Whether your goals are to get clear skin, lose weight, or just eat a blanched and nutritious diet, you can get there faster by supercharging your smoothies with supplements. We’ve gathered up a list of supplements that are easy to find, easy to buy, and easy to add to your smoothie. You’ll be wellness Instagram influencer material in no time.

Apple Cider Vinegar
If you’re Victoria Beckham, you love starting your mornings with a shot of apple cider. Well, we’re not the famous Posh Spice, so apple cider will do better masked in our sweet morning smoothie. This supplement is excellent for digestion and lowering inflammation.

Pair this with a smoothie that is already somewhat acidic, like a smoothie with apples, grapes, pears, or citrus.

Bee Pollen
Bee Pollen is a sweet supplement loaded with vitamins and minerals. Some people believe it’s a great way to reduce allergies by exposing yourself to pollen in small doses. For whatever reason you choose it, bee pollen makes a natural smoothie supplement. It goes best with a smoothie on the sweet side and pairs well with almond or soy milk-based smoothies.

Cayenne Pepper
Cayenne pepper is possibly useful for upping your immune system, plus it adds spice to those boring green smoothies. It will certainly wake you up in the morning if you put enough in. You want to add cayenne pepper powder to smoothies that are more veggie oriented. Try this supplement in a veggie smoothie with greens like spinach or arugula. This one is definitely for the high-level health freaks.

Hemp Seeds
Hemp seeds can be a bit expensive, but they’re an incredible supplement worth every penny. You can buy them in bulk too. What makes hemp seeds great is their profile as a complete protein, making them an essential addition to a vegetarian diet. They also pair well with anything, whether sweet or sour. They work with veggie smoothies too.

Nutritional Yeast
This one is easy, cheap and can blend with just about any smoothie. Nutritional yeast is not ordinary yeast, so don’t be fooled. It’s high in B vitamins, which are especially challenging to get if you are a vegan or vegetarian. You can pair this with anything. Try soy milk with honey, peanut butter hemp seeds, and nutritional yeast for a dessert smoothie. You can add honey and cinnamon, too.

Spirulina isn’t exactly for beginners, but the amazing health benefits make it worth the challenge. Be warned that spirulina isn’t easy to mix with water — it clumps and tastes kind of like an algae-covered pond plant. The good news is that you can soften the algae taste of spirulina by adding it to a green smoothie. You can blend it with kale for a surprisingly refreshing smoothie. With all the vitamins and minerals it packs, we’ll find a way to include it no matter what weird taste it offers.

Coconut Oil
The beloved cure-all, coconut oil. This oil is full of healthy fats and tastes good, too. It is a heavy flavor and blends well with nut milk-based smoothies, not as well with green smoothies. You can add it to berry-based smoothies. Try adding some cacao nibs, another great supplement, to soy milk-based smoothies for a luxurious, after-workout treat.