You might think your cooking skills are at least average, but after watching these videos, you’ll probably realize finding a good YouTube cooking channel to learn from is a great idea. With these channels and videos we’ve gathered for you, you’ll be able to chop onions with the pros and sign-up for the Great British Bake-Off in no time.

Check out these channels and great videos to up your kitchen skills and impress your dinner guests.

Tasty: How to Cook Rice
“Rice is such a staple ingredient, yet so many people fear it.”
While I don’t fear rice and you shouldn’t, you can now learn how to cook rice with total confidence.

Brian Talbot: How to Cut Butternut Squash
You may not think cutting butternut squash is essential. If you believe that, I say you’ve never tried because if you don’t know how to do it right, you’ll be plunged into the fight of your life. You versus Squash — but thanks to this channel’s video, now you can be victorious.

Cupcake Jemma: Essential Kitchen Equipment Guide for Home Baking
Here’s a good video on all the stuff you need to start baking at home and rival even Martha Stewart.

The Stay at Home Chef: How to Boil Eggs
Boiling eggs might seem straightforward, but this video will help you with some of the finer points on the craft. Soft-boiled or hard-boiled?

Allrecipes UK/Ireland: How to Knead Dough
Do you find British or Irish accents calming? Do you find watching people knead dough calming? This video is for you.

America’s Test Kitchen: How to Cook Pasta Perfectly
My entire life is a lie — I’ve been cooking pasta incorrectly since I’ve been…cooking pasta. I break up the pasta. I don’t wait for the water to boil. I rinse it with cold water after it’s cooked, like a pasta-plebian. I don’t even own a wooden spoon.

Watch this video so you won’t make grave pasta errors like yours truly.

Cooking guide: How to Make Tomato Sauce
Now that you know how to make pasta like a pro, you’ll need your own sauce. Buon Appetito.

Wilton: How to Make Easy Homemade Banana Bread
Some would say making banana bread isn’t a vital cooking skill, but anyone that’s had banana bread would disagree. If you think banana bread is a survival skill like us, this video is for you.

Everyday Food: Grilled Cheese with Sarah Carey at Home
The most straightforward sandwich that requires heat is the grilled cheese sandwich. Is that controversial? We don’t think so.

But as with all things on the internet, there is a serious debate on at least one aspect of the grilled cheese sandwich. Which is superior: the rectangular or diagonal cut? You decide.