Saturday nights might just get a whole lot messier thanks to a possible addition to Taco Bell’s menu. According to NBC Chicago, a local Taco Bell in Wicker Park has applied for a liquor license and if successful, would be the first of its kind to serve booze. Which is amazing/dangerous news all at once.

Taco Bell has dabbled with the idea of alcohol in their establishments before. Boozy milkshakes were proposed for U.S. Taco Co., the upscale version of Taco Bell in California (they serve premium items like lobster tacos), Eater Chicago reports. However, the beer infused milkshakes never saw the light of day.

Although Taco Bell’s vision of beer milkshakes ended up being shot down due to strict alcohol licensing rules, they haven’t given up their boozey dreams just yet. With the new proposal for a liquor license and the addition of a “new urban restaurant design” for the fast food chain, Taco Bell is getting a complete makeover.

Who knows, maybe next they’ll follow McDonald’s lead and add kale to their menu, too. One downside we can foresee — other than the obvious surge in irresistible greasy taco drunk-eating — are the alcohol-driven fights over “who ate my taco” that will most definitely ensue if Taco Bell turns into a local watering hole. Hopefully those Taco Bell employees are prepared for this one.

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