When it comes to cocktail mixers, it’s common knowledge that no two blends are created equal. Whether you’re the calorie-conscious vodka soda sipper, or the Long Island Iced Tea guzzler, there always comes a time when you’re sick of the same old mixer and need a quick change up. In our case, that time is now, just in time for the change in seasons!

So, for those chilly autumn nights when all you crave is a cup of tea, why not opt for a tea-based cocktail to get your buzz on instead? Here are two super easy recipes using a tea crafted for cocktails, courtesy of The Owl’s Brew!

Owl’s Brew Chilled Classic


  • 2 Parts The Classic
  • 1 Part Bourbon
  • A squeeze of fresh lemon juice


  1. Shake the brew and bourbon together with ice.
  2. Strain and serve on the rocks.
  3. Add a squeeze of lemon juice for extra flavor, and garnish with a cinnamon stick and apple slice.



  • Pink & Black Owl’s Brew Tea
  • White Wine


Mix one part tea with one part wine. Add your favorite fruit in a glass or pitcher, we suggest strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and orange slices. The easiest sangria you’ll ever make!

Recipes courtesy of The Owls Brew.

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