Herb teas can help you relax at the end of a stressful day and give you a morning boost of extra energy. The drink currently enjoys popularity for its detox benefits, but herb teas have been used for medicinal purposes as well as pure sipping pleasure since the days of ancient Egypt and China. These concoctions are not really tea. Herb teas, also known as tisanes, are brewed or steeped from plants that don’t belong to the family that gives us green teas and black teas.

All parts of plants are used in making herb teas: leaves for mint tea, flowers for chamomile, roots for ginger. Herbal teas are safe to drink, but you should be aware that some can interact with anti-depressants and other medications. Check with your doctor first before you imbibe.

Use the directions given if your tisane comes with brewing instructions. Feel free to alter the quantities and brewing time to your own tastes. Go online for instructions for that particular tisane if the package came without directions.

Here are five herbal teas loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that will help boost your energy and calm your mind to give a better night’s sleep.


This mildly relaxing properties calms your nervous system and relieve stress which can help you to rest better for a a good night’s sleep. a restful night’s sleep, you won’t feel as anxious or as stressed. The tea should be and brewed from the flowers where possible.


This tea is a good mood enhancer and energy booster. The herb calms you by helping settle your nervous system while lowering blood sugar levels. It’s also great at boosting the immune system. Wake up in the morning with a cup of reviving ginseng tea.


You love it as a ground spice to lend a little heat to your food. Now use it as an herb tea. When you’re stressed and need some help in calming down, try this tea at night by heating coconut milk and adding turmeric and honey for a wonderful relaxant. Turmeric is another herb that boosts immunity levels.

Holy Basil 

This plant is a natural at promoting mental balance. Tea made from the plant asl known as tulsi will help you adapt to stress. You can expect the taste to be spicy and a little bitter.


Stress and anxiety can unsettle your stomach. When these symptoms appear, a cup of ginger tea can help calm your upset digestive system. A morning brew made from freshly sliced pieces of ginger root can last you all day for continuing relief as a stomach sedative.

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