Think you’re doing the responsible thing for your body by pouring yourself a glass of O.J. every morning? Well, think again. A recent US study shows a link to drinking a glass of orange juice or eating a fresh grapefruit to risk of skin cancer – melanoma to be exact. This is confusing because there are so many benefits to citrus intake, such as it’s ability to ward off chronic illnesses.

However, when a study of 100,000 health professionals took place, results showed that the people who drank more than a glass of orange juice a day had an increased risk of getting the illness. This was also true for people who ate grapefruit more than three times a week.

This pretty much shows that there is a link between the citrus in the fruit and the skin itself. Does this mean no more citrus fruit? Well, researchers are still trying to find other possible links. For now, however, it’s ok to drink say a glass every other day as opposed to more. Also, one should take other precautionary measures to protect their skin such as wearing sunscreen, wearing appropriate clothing while in the sun, wearing sun glasses and staying indoors during intense heat.

Also, keep in mind that this study included health professionals from all over the country who have very different lifestyle habits.

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