Foods that grow naturally this time of year are best to add to your Spring cuisine. Not only can they improve your mood and focus, but they can also boost your energy and metabolism. According to David Katz, MD director of the Yale Prevention Research Center, if chosen correctly, food can reshape our medical destines for ever.

This is also the time of year many of us begin to make new plans to live a healthier life. In order to help you with those goals, here is a list of the best foods to consume this Spring.

To Improve Your Mood

Foods that are good for improving your mood include walnuts and asparagus. Walnuts are packed with an amino acid that the body needs to create serotonin. This is perfect for helping you tolerate stress. Asparagus has a good source of vitamins that help to improve mood as well.

To Improve Weight Loss

Losing weight is as simple as eating the proper foods. Certain foods have a great “slimming” effect. For instance, spring garlic. This food is laced in a compound called allicin that prevents you from overeating. Another great slimming food that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it should are legumes. According to bariatric surgeon, Joseph Colella, MD, your body has to work really hard to break down a bean just to get the fiber. This allows your body to expend energy.

To Improve Energy

If you always find that your energy levels drop, there are foods that are perfect for consumption. Spinach, artichokes and other green veggies will provide you with a clean source of energy that lasts.

To Improve Complexion

As the saying goes, beautiful skin starts within and that saying is totally true. If you want a more beautiful glow this spring to match the beautiful sunshine, then eat foods like blue berries and strawberries. These foods are loaded with nutrients that help to facilitate the production of collagen.

Give these amazing foods a try and enjoy the maximum results.

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