Foods that are loaded with sugar can wreck havoc on the body by aging you and causing high blood sugar, and leading to dangerous belly fat. That’s why it’s important to watch your sugar intake. Watching how much sugar you consume already? Even that may not be enough as some foods sneak it in. Here are 4 foods loaded with sugar that you may want to be aware of:

Whole-Grain Bread: I get that this can be frustrating. After all, you hear one minute whole-grain bread is good for you then the next minute, it’s dangerous. It’s okay to consume, but not too much. This bread gets a 71 on the glycemic index. That’s compared to Snicker’s candy which only gets 51. Yikes!

Packaged Oatmeal: Do you rely heavily on instant oatmeal in a pouch? If so, you are likely taking in too much sugar due to the flavorings. You’re better off getting the steel cut oats which are filled with extra fiber. Also, go for the plain package.

Yogurt: Not every variety of yogurt is created equal. Some yogurt is filled with tons of flavorings, plus the fruit which is also sugar. Since the American Heart Association recommends women take in no more than 30 grams of sugar a day, you have to watch yogurt that contains 24 grams per serving.

Fruit Juice: This may or may not come as a surprise, but many store juices contain way too many flavorings, including sugar. Keep track of how much you take in, so you aren’t getting too much sugar into your system. Going overboard just sends the sugar directly to your liver and can turn into dangerous belly fat.

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