If you’ve ever seen those gorgeous Pinterest kitchens, you’ve probably noticed beautiful glass jars full of oats or rice. Buying in bulk isn’t only a cute aesthetic, it’s also a great way to save money. If for no other reason, it’s nice to have the comfort of food around, and you can cut down on the effort of grocery shopping. The foods listed here tend to be healthier than frozen foods, pre-packaged meals, and fast food. Get ready to begin bulk-buying.

Things you Need, Want or Might Require
If you’re going to get bulk-buying, you’ll need a few things first. Glass containers are the main item, and they’re better (and prettier) than plastic containers. Plan what bulk items you’ll be buying so you can plan what shape and size containers you’ll need for storage. You want glass containers with a lid that seals well to keep moisture at a minimum for the best long-term storage outcome.

You can also buy food-grade five-gallon buckets if you want to go prepper-style on your bulk food storage. That’s another level, though, so just start out with some cute and functional glass containers.

Masking tape or labels will also come in handy to label your stored food. You might even write down the cooking time, or basic instructions, so you have them later. Remember, there is no packaging to tell you how long to cook your rice when you buy in bulk.

Freezer space is vital if you want to store things for even more extended periods. If you’re going to go all-out end-times style, you can buy a separate freezer.

Also, here’s some bulk-etiquette to remember: never use a portion of these foods, and then return the unused portion to the container.

No, pasta isn’t exactly health food, but you can definitely buy it in bulk, and it keeps well. Pasta that is completely sealed off from oxygen can last for up to ten years. We aren’t suggesting you eat decade-old pasta, but it lasts a long time and is tasty.

Uncooked rice will last about three to six months at room temperature. If you freeze the rice, it can stay fresh for a year. Wild rice can last thirty years frozen, but no one should have to think about eating thirty-year-old rice.

Lentils and Beans
It’s budget-friendly to buy beans and lentils in bulk. Dried beans and lentils will stay good for a couple of years if kept in air-tight containers. Make sure you rinse before cooking though, since bulk beans and lentils can contain tiny hard particles.

This is one bulk item that looks super cute in its storage container and takes you pantry to Pinterest-levels right away. Raw honey is an excellent bulk buy because it lasts around a year, but honey that has been processed can last forever. Honey in ancient Egyptian archaeological sites has been found that is still edible thousands of years later. You probably won’t need to store honey for that long, but you never know, Instacart does get busy sometimes.

Final Tip
Buy some toilet paper and paper towels now, to put aside like a normal person and just save them. Pro-tip: act like a responsible hoarder and buy before the storm, not when prices are high, and everyone is starting fight rings in aisle 5.