Adopting a new healthy eating regimen is a step in the right direction towards warding off disease, having increased energy and enjoying a better quality of life. But, what if you’re consuming all the healthy fruits and vegetables and still not getting the good benefits. All too often this happens to people due to not understanding how to eat healthy foods. That’s right. It’s more than just about what you’re eating, it’s also about HOW you’re eating it. In this article, you will learn the top 4 healthy foods people may be eating plenty of, but are eating all wrong.

#1 – Mustard: Most people wouldn’t even think twice about the health benefits of mustard. Mustard contains a compound called curcumin that carries great health benefits. There is a catch. You have to go with the plain yellow mustard. This means by-pass the other mustards and go straight for the plain dollar mustard.


#2 – Broccoli: You can’t go wrong with broccoli. Or, can you?  Broccoli is part of the brassica family. Foods in this family are known to be highly effective in prevention of some cancers.  If you’re eating steamed broccoli, you’re on track. If you’re boiling it, baking it or frying it, you’re killing the pertinent ingredients.

#3 – Apples: They say an apple a day will keep the doctor away. However, its best to let the apple ripen all the way first. According to research, the ripening process resulted in the breakdown of chlorophyll in apples. As a result, this makes the antioxidants in apply much more powerful.

#4- Carrots: Next time you’re having carrots with your dinner, avoid cutting them up. By cutting them, more nutrients seeped out due to the expanded surface.

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