Everyone has different preferences when it comes to enjoying alcohol. Many people enjoy regular drinks, while others tend to save their tipples for socializing. Whatever your relationship is with alcohol, if you’re considering a detox or feel you need to cut down on your alcohol intake, here’s exactly how your body reacts when you stop drinking it.

Liver Relief
For anyone that drinks excessively, their liver can be negatively impacted over time. Fatty changes tend to occur, but when you stop drinking, these changes become reversible. Your liver can actually return to its normal state. These positive changes can happen in a matter of weeks when you stop drinking. The absence of any alcohol allows the liver to focus on essential jobs such as metabolizing fats and excess hormones and toxins that all need to be broken down.

Weight Loss
Most alcohol is high in calories meaning that cutting it out can immediately help with weight loss. It depends on the individual’s intake. If heavy drinkers remove alcohol from their diet, they will likely see weight loss, less stomach fat, and an improvement in body composition.

Can Improve Memory
There’s a reason why the legal drinking age is 21. Alcohol is shown to harm brain development and can even cause memory loss. When you eliminate alcohol from your life, you will experience a boost in brainpower, think clearer, and have a better memory.

Reduce Your Risk of Cancer
As cancer is officially labeled as a human carcinogen, a person’s risk of developing cancer increases with the amount of alcohol they regularly drink over time. Studies have shown there to be links between alcohol consumption and developing specific cancers. Therefore, cutting out alcohol can reduce your risk of developing any of these, as well as heart problems.