Are you struggling with anxiety, worry, and existential angst? Maybe a hammock is the answer. Few other methods for lying down are as relaxed as the hammock. Sure, you could lay down in a bed or on a sofa, but nothing screams, “I’m relaxed, damn it!” more than a hammock.

In all seriousness (as serious as you can be about hammocks, at least), hammocks are a nice way to enjoy the outdoors or even indoors. They’re the perfect power nap accessory. Hammocks aren’t just for hunter-gatherers or hippies who live in a forest, and you don’t need a yurt to enjoy the restful and gentle back-and-forth of your hammock. Let’s look at what hammock might be right for you.

Kootek Camping Hammock
This hammock is marked “Amazon’s Choice,” and we can see why. It’s under $30 and comes in a single or double size and is made of “parachute fabric material,” which sounds pretty reliable.

Oaskys Hammock
This is the cheapest hammock on Amazon at just around $20. If you’re new to hammocks, this might be the one to try out first.

Patio Watcher Hammock 14 foot
This hammock would look good inside or outside. It’s more expensive at close to $90, but it comes in many different colors to match it to the decor of your outside relaxation space.

Single/Double Hammock with Mosquito Net
A mosquito net is included with this hammock from Sunyear. If you’re camping in boggy terrain or marshland, or just near water in general, this net can keep your hammock naps uninterrupted from bug bites.

The Hammock of Outdoor Leisure by Honesh
This hammock takes the prize for most colorful and visible. If you get lost in the wilderness, this hammock could probably serve as a flag to wave for you to be rescued. It looks like an old-timey hot-air balloon, and it’s made from cotton instead of nylon, plus it holds up to 450 lbs.

Langjitianya White Lace Fringe Hammock
This is a hammock made for photo-shoots and less useful in the mud of the wilderness.
The white lace fringe is excellent for Instagram shots, but likely won’t stay clean in the great outdoors for too long. If you’re looking for a hammock that will be a centerpiece in your home, this is your hammock.

Castaway Hammocks Polyester
This hammock rivals the Honesh hammock in terms of colorful patterns. It’s slightly more expensive, looks fashionable, and other castaways will know you don’t compromise on aesthetics even on a deserted island.

Caribbean Rope Hammock
This might be what you think of as a classic hammock made for relaxation — simple and looks like a traditional hammock. Just be mindful that it doesn’t include the hardware to mount it, though.

Hammock Chair Rope Swing
Hammocks aren’t just for the reclined anymore. Now you can sit upright in a hammock. This is what we call innovation. No pillows are included, though, so get your own pillows to decorate.

The TreePod Lounger Cabana
We’re not sure what makes this hammock a cabana as the name states, but it definitely looks as comfortable as one.