2020 has just started, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for the fashion trends which are coming this year. There are many exciting new trends we will get to experience this year, but some old trends will come back as well.

Neon is going to be big in 2020, and we are excited about it. There is just something very empowering about wearing bright neon colors in the summer. Designers have hinted at the return of the neon colors during a fashion week in September. So bust out the neon-colored clothes that are sitting at the back of your closet and get ready for the bright-colored trend to take over the world.

Sustainable Fashion
There has been more talk recently about the impact fast fashion has on the environment and people in rural countries. And the more people are aware of the issue fast fashion poses, the more people are turning to sustainable brands. 2020 will be a big year for sustainable fashion that is made to last.

Big Bags
No outfit is complete without a good bag. After the year in which we were able to see celebrities rock strangely small bags, big bags are making a return in 2020. There is no need to worry whether everything will fit in your purse or not.

Floral Prints
There is something incredibly feminine and soft about long flowy dresses with floral prints. Even though floral print is far from revolutionary, it is a classic and brightens up every collection. The summer and spring of 2020 will be filled with vibrant floral patterns and prints.

Puffed Sleeves
Big and puffy sleeves may remind us of the Victorian era, but there is something so romantic and yet very dramatic about them. Fashion experts suspect that the puffed sleeves are going to be seen on everything from dresses to shirts.

Monochromatic Look
Monochromatic is going to be big in 2020. Layering tones of the same color gives an especially put together and fashion-forward look. Since the color of the year is a classic blue, we suspect the colors of choice will be classics.