Dresses are one of the most straightforward articles of clothing to wear. You throw on a cute dress with some strappy sandals and a bag, and you’ve got yourself a relaxed and comfortable outfit. Dresses are perfect for the summertime because they’re easy to put on and will keep you cool through all the hot summer days.

Except, sometimes finding the right dress can be a struggle. They can be too small or too big, too tight or too loose. When you find the perfect fitting dress, it feels fantastic- but getting there can be tough.

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If you’re struggling to find a dress that fits just right, here are some of our suggestions for dresses that look good on every body type:

1. Wrap Dress

Lulus white wrap dress for any body type
Via Lulus

This dress is tight on top and flares out at the bottom, making it the perfect dress to highlight a small waist.

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2. Smock Dress

ASOS smock dress any body type
via ASOS

Although smock dresses don’t have much shape to them, they’re super simple and easy to throw on, making them the perfect summer dress.

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3. Maxi Dress

ASOS Club L Animal print maxi
via ASOS

Maxi dresses look good on everyone, and can be dressed up with heels and accessories or dressed down with sneakers.
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4. Ruched Dress

Reformation Marabella Dress ruched
via Reformation

Ruched and gathered dresses are perfect for women with a more athletic build as the style really plays up your curves.
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5. Strapless Dress

forever 21 strapless dress any body type
via Forever21

A strapless dress that cinches in the waist will help accentuate the hips on someone thinner on top and more full on the bottom.
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