We might not all be Instagram influencers, but we all have our influencer moments. Instagram is a place where you want to post your favorite photos and feel your best. Although most of us don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers, many of us use Instagram as a way to show off something about ourselves: our style, life, makeup, etc. Social media is now a place where our creativity can be let loose, and we’re free to figure ourselves out. If you’re a budding influencer or want to get your Instagram poppin’, here are some style tips on how to get the most out of your Instagram photos:

1Show off outfit details

Switch up pictures of yourself but getting a little bit closer with a snap of your outfit details. If you’re trying to show off your new earrings, bag, sunglasses, highlight them by zooming in on just the details. Not only will it showcase your accessories in a super aesthetic way, but the zoomed-in photo will also add a change to your Instagram layout.

2Try an aerial shot

Switch up your pictures with an aerial shot! Summertime is all about showing off your new super cute bathing suits and taking a photo from above while laying down will highlight your swimwear in the best way.

3Try using a disposable camera

Film photos are all that rave this summer, so jump on the bandwagon and try it out for yourself. Disposable cameras give photos that vintage-chic look we all want and are perfect for fashion photos as it adds something different to an otherwise basic photo.

4Use your background

A car, a chair, a table, the options are truly endless when it comes to using your background to your advantage. If you come across a super cool car that happens to match the aesthetic of your outfit, sneak a few photos of you posing in front of it and they’re bound to come out super bomb.

5Mirror selfies

Mirror selfies are genuinely the one timeless form of selfie-taking. Mirror selfies are the perfect way to show off your new outfit, haircut, accessories, whatever! Pose in front of a beautiful mirror with a cute background, and you’ll have yourself a super cute Insta.

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